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Feature Length Attraction: Sajoo “the gathering”

This performance celebrates the exuberant and abounding spirit of Mande people, drawing from 800 years of contiguous cultural history and a geographical base the size of modern day Europe.

"scintillating…  hypnotic…
Manding Jata defies the laws of gravity."

Barbados Advocate

The first set often features the four act music and dance theatre production The Sunjata Epic (refer to Program Options), unveiling the seminal 13th century story with a succinct narrative, set to kora accompaniment. The pivitol characters dance into our consciousness on Malinke rhythms and songs from the collective memory of “Tilibo” – the place where the sun comes up.

“The audience is bathed
in the complex beauty of Manding culture.”


Georgia Straight, Vancouver

The second set is titled “Duniya” –  life, and draws from the profusion of Manding music and dance styles, songs of celebration and theatrical elements unique to Manding Jata.  This set also offers the opportunity to showcase the stellar technic of the artists.


The performance culminates with an all in, choreographed spectacle of music, song, dance, acro and circus arts.

“distinctive. . .  powerful and intimate
Manding Jata performs with gusto.”

New York Times

“A Heart Pounding performance.
The [2000 seat] Rivercenter was filled… ”

Ledger Enquirer, Columbus, Georgia

Sajoo “The Gathering” Video

Visit Manding Jata`s YouTube Channel for full video collection.


“Manding Jata is recognized internationally as an outstanding performer in the African/World field.”
Thomas Lee, President AFM Int’l, NYC


“The media have used up all the superlatives to describe your shows.  I can only say it was a pleasure . . .”
Sheron Trotman, Manager Barbados Dance Assn.
African Renaissance Festival of Dance

“This was definitely the best performance
and the best attended event in eight years of programming.”

Sandy Wilgenbusch, Special Events Programmer Divine Word College,   Epworth, Iowa


“Manding Jata was a great show !"
Sylvia Hunt, Manager Caldwell Fine Arts, College of Idaho

“I couldn’t have asked for a better performance. Manding Jata delivered exactly what they advertise. I would highly recommend Manding Jata.”
Richard Akins, Director Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn College


Manding Jata | The Lion of Mali - exceptional artists from an extraordinary culture

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