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Featuring Jaliba Susso, this series is available to institutions and groups interested in developing greater knowledge of MANDING music and oral traditions.

Papa Susso was appointed Regents Lecturer in ethnomusicology at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1991. The Regents Lecture and Professorship Program brings to campus distinguished leaders in the arts, sciences, business and politics, whose careers have been largely outside the academic area.

Serious students of MANDING culture also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in an extended study program.

Koriya Musa Center

Established in 1997, the centre has hosted students, PhD candidates and MANDING enthusiasts from various points internationally.

Located in the heartland of Gambian Mande culture and named after the legendary Mandinka musician who brought the Kora to the world, the Koriya Musa Research Center has been established to promote research in the traditional cultures of the area.

The Center has three primary objectives:

  1. To enable researchers to conduct studies in oral history, oral traditions and music of the Mandinka and other ethnic groups of the area.

  2. To assist performing artists to develop their knowledge of Manding music and dance traditions and to incorporate them into their performances.

  3. To revive, rejuvenate and promote a broader understanding of the music and other cultural expressions of the Gambian Mandinka and other ethnic groups in the region.



The Koriya Musa Center is located in Sotuma-Sere, a traditional village not far from the town of Basse, 224 miles upriver from the capital of Banjul. It is the home to several renowned Mandinka Jali families.


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