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Djeli Nyama

A term used to describe the power or hypnotic effect of the jaliya – “art of the jali” (French = djeli).  The jali are hereditary musical historians with an 800 year lineage of Mande music making.

Manding Jata features an allstar cast of jali musicians and singers, as well as drummers and dancers that excell in the rarified atmosphere of a live, non “programmatic” setting.

Djeli Nyama is designed for outdoor festivals, clubs or concerts and features timeless Mande songs of celebration and the extensive music and dance repertoire of Manding Jata.

All the artists of Manding Jata have developed their professional careers in these type of events.

Djeli Nyama Video

Visit Manding Jata`s YouTube Channel for full video collection.


“The performance was exceptional . . .
I would not hesitate to recommend Manding Jata.”


Kathy Kirkland, Manager
Peterborough Festival of Lights


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