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1.  Satisfied “Presenters” enthusiastically recommend Manding Jata.

"I couldn’t have asked for a better engagement.
Manding Jata delivered  just what they advertise.
I would highly recommend Manding Jata.

Richard Akins, Programming Director
Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn College

2.  The press worldwide have embraced the work of Manding Jata.

"distinctive… powerful and intimateManding Jata performs with gusto. "

Jennifer Dunning,  New York Times

3.  Performances regularly sell out or exceed sales expectations with presenters generating up to $30k in net profit for an event.

"A heartpounding performance.
The [2000 seat] Rivercenter was filled…

Sandra Okamoto, Ledger-Inquirer  (Columbus, GA)

4.  The work of Manding Jata is generously supported by the NEA, which can reduce net costs substantially.

5.  Residency options are a global success in and of themselves.

"dazzling… exciting and dynamic… Manding Jata
is unquestionably a company with high artistic standards.

Kate Newby, Artistic Director
Calgary Int’l Childrens Festival
(re: The Sundiata Epic for youth and family audiences)

6.  Fourteen years of global touring with an unblemished history of business integrity, successful visa applications and non cancellations.

"Manding Jata is recognized internationally as being
an outstanding performer in the African/World field.

Thomas Lee,  past President
AFM New York  (re: annual visa consultation)

7.  The artists of MANDING JATA are from the heart of Mande culture and bring an exquisite depth to every performance.


Manding Jata | The Lion of Mali - exceptional artists from an extraordinary culture

Rex Chequer, Box 2567 MPO, Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6B3W8 | Phone: (604) 720-4067  | Email: mandingjata@gmail.com